If you want to buy a Subaru in Plano, TX, then you may be struggling to decide whether you should buy a used or new one. Many people prefer to buy a new vehicle. However, you should consider buying a used one.

Save Money

You can save thousands by buying a used Subaru in the Dallas, TX region. Not only is the listing price lower, but the insurance and registration fees are low. The value of the vehicle is one of the things that will determine how much your insurance is. Used vehicles are considered less valuable than new cars, so they are cheaper to insure.

Furthermore, Because the purchase price is lower, your monthly payments will also be lower.


Many people think that if they buy a used vehicle in Richardson, TX, then they will be getting a vehicle that is not as reliable as a new one. However, used Subarus can be just as reliable as the new ones. Used Subarus are held the highest quality and safety standards.

Slower Depreciation

New cars are known for depreciating at a rapid rate. You may have heard that the new car depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot. There is a lot of truth to that saying. A new car's value will drop by 20 to 30 percent within the first year. Most of the depreciation occurs within the first three years.

Used cars in Frisco do not depreciate as quickly. That is why you will be able to get more for your money if you buy a used Subaru.


You have a variety of used Subarus in Carrollton to choose from. The wide selection will make it easier for you to find what you are looking for in a vehicle, even if you're looking for a used vehicle that isn't a Subaru. A good dealer can also help you find what you need in a vehicle.

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