Subaru Conventional Oil & Filter Change Service

Subaru Conventional Oil & Filter Change Service

Oil Change Coupon in Plano, TX

As a car owner, you know that it’s important to get regular oil changes. Conventional oil is derived from petroleum, and this type of oil changes is recommended for most modern vehicles. It can be easy to put off oil and filter changes, but staying timely with this important service is key to maintaining vehicle health. Let’s talk about why oil and filter changes matter.

Why Your Car Need it’s Oil Changed

  1. Oil changes help your car go the distance. When your car’s oil is dirty, it makes it harder for the parts of your car to do their job. This means that wear and tear happen faster, causing you costly repairs that will eventually result in you realizing it’s more cost effective to purchase a new car. To make your car last, you need regular oil and filter changes.
  2. Regular oil and filter changes remove engine dirt. Believe it or not, small particles of dirt are like poison to an engine, and it’s oil’s job to keep the engine clean. When you regularly fill your car’s system with clean oil, the engine stays clear and free of debris.
  3. Changing the oil keeps your car cool. We all know that when we rub our hands together, the friction creates heat. The same effect happens with the inner workings of your car. As the parts rub together, heat is created. When clean oil is regularly put into your car, the parts stay lubricated, lowering the amount of friction created. This is key for keeping your car’s temperature in the proper range.
  4. Regular oil and filter changes keep your engine lubricated. Just like the rest of your car, your engine is filled with many small working parts. When these parts are properly lubricated with oil, they’re less susceptible to wear and tear. Engine repairs can get incredibly costly fast- keeping your oil clean can save you thousands in the long run.
  5. Changing the oil improves your gas mileage, saving you money. Clean oil allows your car to run more efficiently than dirty oil, which can increase your gas mileage by as much as 1-2%. Those small amounts add up over time.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change in Ewing Subaru of Plano

From saving you money in costly repairs to improving your gas mileage, it’s clear that you need to have a conventional oil & filter change done regularly. At Ewing Subaru of Plano, we’ll not only get your car’s oil changed fast – you’ll also enjoy free wifi, a children’s’ play area, and complimentary snacks while you wait. At Ewing, we believe in providing top notch service to our cars and our customers. We look forward to serving all of your family’s car care needs.


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