Subaru Two-Wheel Alignment Service

Subaru Two-Wheel Alignment Service

2-Wheel Alignment Service in Plano

Wheel Alignment is the automotive industry term that defines how each wheel meets the steering & handling components as well as how the tires meet the road. When wheels are in factory-specified alignment, each wheel is pointed in the perfect direction; opposite wheels turn parallel to each other, and tires grip the road at a perfect 90-degree angle. When wheels are in precision alignment, you benefit with comfortable driving experience, extended tire life, improved safety, and reduced long-term operating expenses.

Wheel Alignment Service

Given the tremendous benefits of merely following the recommended maintenance schedule for wheel alignment service, it will always be an excellent tire maintenance strategy to comply with Subaru’s maintenance interval for your vehicle. You never have to risk taking your car to an average service center for 2-wheel alignment service that is carelessly performed by a marginally competent technician when Ewing Subaru of Plano has Certified Technicians that meticulously perform each service with unsurpassed results.

What are the Warning Signs of needing Wheel Alignment Service?

Most Subaru models recommend checking the wheel alignment every 15,000 miles with a specified maintenance interval at 60,000 & 120,000 miles. If your front wheel angles are off, 2-wheel alignment service is perfect for you. However, if you start experiencing any of the warning signs of needing wheel alignment service, it is an excellent idea to have the service performed sooner. Here are the most common warning signs related to needing Wheel Alignment Service:

  • Rapid or uneven tread wear
  • Steering wheel is crooked
  • Tire sidewall has damages
  • Vehicle pulls to a side at speed
  • Vehicle pulls while braking

What does 2-Wheel Alignment Service Include?

At Ewing Subaru of Plano, 2-Wheel Alignment Service features a Certified Technician, computerized wheel alignment equipment, and a certified service protocol that resets the front wheels’ angles to factory specifications. The Certified Technician will use computerized wheel alignment equipment to assess and reset each of the wheel angles including the camber, caster, and toe to factory specifications. The service always ends with a Complimentary Multi-Point Inspection that provides you with an accurate evaluation of your vehicle’s condition, including each of its vital systems and parts. If your Subaru crossover or SUV is due for 2-Wheel Alignment or you are experiencing any of the signs of poor wheel angles, we invite you to Ewing Subaru of Plano for a much-needed 2-Wheel Alignment Service. We are located in Plano near Frisco, Garland, and Dallas, Texas.


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