Solterra Connect

September 20th, 2023 by

Soterra Connect

With their first all-electric vehicle Subaru has shown that they can make a great All-wheel drive EV in the Solterra. Now thanks to the Solterra Connect package, you can have even more of what already makes the Subaru Solterra great for everyone. Everything is brought to your fingertips through an app for your smartphone and by using the SOS button above the rearview mirror. 

Emergency Assistance in the Solterra

By using the all-new Solterra Connect app, you will have access to multiple packages, including:

  • Automatic Collision Notification
    • In the event of a collision, a notification will be sent to a Solterra Connect Customer Care Advisor 24/7/365. This advisor will quickly contact you over the vehicle’s speaker system while alerting first responders. 
  • Emergency Assistance Button
    • Pressing this button will immediately put you through to a Solterra Connect Customer Care Advisor 24/7/365, who can contact and send emergency services to your GPS location during a medical or non-medical emergency when on the road. 
  • Enhanced Roadside Assistance
    • Pressing this button will allow you to receive non-emergency roadside assistance to your GPS location. This may include a battery jump, changing a flat tire, or bringing you gas if your vehicle runs out. 
  • Stolen Vehicle Locator
    • In the event of your vehicle being stolen, a Solterra Connect Customer Care Advisor can work to track down and recover your vehicle using its GPS location to assist police. 

Solterra Connect App

Remote Connect

  • Guest Driver
    • The primary driver on the account will get alerts when the guest driver exceeds a preset speed limit, violates a curfew, or goes over a set amount of total miles driven.
  • Vehicle Status
    • You will be able to see if any of your windows or doors are open, check your mileage, and see the current amount of battery range in your Solterra.
  • Last Parked Location
    • Let the app help find exactly where you’ve parked your car in a crowded area. 
  • Unlock/Lock
    • Remotely lock or unlock your Solterra to allow access when you aren’t near your vehicle. 
  • Remote Start
    • Remotely start your Solterra using the app on your smartphone.
  • Climate Settings
    • Remotely set your preferred warm or cool settings before getting into your Solterra and setting off. You can also create a schedule for your Solterra to begin warming or cooling your car. 
  • Charge Management
    • You can check the current state of charge as well as set a schedule for charging. 
  • Charging Station Locator
    • This feature allows you to find local charging stations for your Solterra. 

Digital Key

  • Digital Key allows you to unlock/lock and start/stop your Solterra via the Solterra Connect app.

Service Connect

  • Vehicle Health Report
    • View a real-time report of anything that may require your attention. 
  • Vehicle Maintenance Notification
    • You may receive an e-mail when your vehicle requires scheduled maintenance. 

2023 Subaru Solterra

Drive Connect

  • Cloud Navigation
    • With up-to-date information and updates for turn-by-turn navigation, your Cloud Navigation assistant is always available to give you the best information for your routes, any delays, or alternate routes, plus live traffic.
  • Intelligent Assistant
    • By simply saying “Hey Subaru” or “OK Subaru,” you can communicate with the on-board Assistant to control your multimedia system, navigation, radio, or climate control settings. 
  • Destination Assistant 
    • A Solterra Connect Customer Care Advisor can assist you in getting directions to an address or point of interest. They can remotely put this through to your Solterra’s navigation system. 

WiFi HotSpot in the Solterra

Wi-Fi Connect: 

  • Integrated Streaming 
    • Link your Apple or Amazon Music account to stream your favorite music in your Solterra.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot
    • With the Wi-Fi Hotspot, up to 10 devices can be connected at once to a powerful and fast mobile Internet. So whether you are in the woods or on the highway, your passengers can always enjoy your mobile devices. 

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