Subaru Named One of Forbes Best Brands for Social Impact 2023

June 26th, 2023 by

Forbes Social Impact Best Brands

In a recent announcement, Subaru of America Inc. proudly shared that it was named one of the top brands on the Forbes prestigious Best Brands List for Social Impact in 2023. This remarkable achievement not only highlights Subaru’s dedication to corporate social responsibility, it also showcases why the brand stands out in the automotive industry. Not only for its social impact initiatives, but also for the exceptional quality of its vehicles.

Subaru’s Commitment to Social Impact 

Subaru Love Promise is a Commitment to more than just a single purpose, it is many promises to make the world wholly a better place

The Subaru Love Promise drives its initiatives to positively impact communities and the environment. From its extensive partnerships with charitable organizations to its environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices, Subaru consistently goes above and beyond to make a difference in the lives of others. By focusing on areas such as education, animal care, and environmental sustainability, Subaru has become a driving force for positive change and has earned the respect of consumers and industry peers alike.

An Acclamation of Excellence

Forbes’ Best Brands List for Social Impact is a prestigious recognition that highlights companies excelling in corporate social responsibility. Subaru’s inclusion on this esteemed list is a testament to the brand’s exceptional efforts in creating a positive impact on society. With its industry-leading performance, Subaru has demonstrated that it is not only dedicated to building high-quality vehicles but also to leave a lasting, positive footprint on the world.

Quality and Reliability

Subaru Social Impact with the Subaru Love Promise Commitment

This is only one facet of the brand’s remarkable success. Subaru has built a reputation for producing top-quality vehicles known for their reliability, durability, and safety. With a commitment to excellence and innovative technology, Subaru consistently ranks highly in industry reviews and customer satisfaction surveys. From their renowned Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system to their advanced safety features, Subaru vehicles offer a driving experience that is both fun and secure. This combination of social impact and outstanding product quality sets Subaru apart as the best in the automotive industry. This wins over the hearts of consumers who seek more than just a vehicle, it is for those who seek a brand that aligns with their values as well.

Make a Difference

Subaru’s inclusion on the Forbes Best Brands List for Social Impact 2023 shows the brand’s commitment to making a difference in society. Subaru continues to inspire and set an example for other companies to follow. At Ewing Subaru of Plano, we strive to create a better world alongside the Subaru Brand. We align with Subaru’s message that success is not only measured by the quality of a company’s vehicles but also by the impact you can make on the lives of individuals and communities around the globe. Come on down the Ewing Subaru of Plano to find a vehicle that aligns with your needs and your values. Schedule your test drive today!