Which trends will impact the automotive industry in 2023?

January 25th, 2023 by

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Can you believe it’s January already? It feels like the 2023 model year just kicked off, which typically happens during the summertime, but now the calendar year is already being changed. This marks a great time to analyze the industry as a whole and predict some of the trends that will impact the automotive world throughout the calendar. What are some of the things you think will be big talking points in 2023? We’ve separated some of the trends we predict taking over the industry into four different categories.

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  1. Increase in digital sales
  2. Increase in pre-owned vehicle sales
  3. Increase in innovative online marketing strategies

Digital sales have been on a steady climb over the past several years, though that steady climb began to make a pretty hefty curve upward over the past two or three. We don’t suspect it will slow down any time soon. Also coming out of the wake of everything that’s happened in the past couple of years, pre-owned vehicle sales are likely to continue their rise as well. Finally, as digital sales rise, so too will the innovations in digital marketing strategies, like utilizing social media influencers, tech enables and e-commerce platforms.


  1. Increase in integrated digital technologies
  2. Increase in improved autonomous self-driving technologies

When it comes to technology, we see two major areas getting a big focus throughout 2023. Autonomous self-driving technologies have been improving each year, but this will see a substantial increase in our opinion, especially where trucking is concerned. In addition, modern technologies become more important each year, so the integration of digital technologies into our vehicles is sure to increase as well.


  1. Increase in shared mobility business models
  2. Increase in automaker/tech company partnerships

Ride sharing and similar shared mobility business models have taken off over the past several years, and we predict an even more substantial rise in these business models this year. Similarly, we’ve seen several automakers announce formal partnerships with technology companies, and those partnerships will likely increase in number as well.


  1. Increase in electric vehicle production
  2. Increase in fuel cell vehicle introductions
  3. Increase in adoption of truck platooning

Finally, let’s touch base on a few miscellaneous trends. More EVs will be produced this year than ever before, and we foresee more FCEVs being introduced alongside them as well. In the trucking industry, the adoption of truck platooning will likely rise as well.

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